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March is a time of year know best for the college basketball championships. Commonly called March Madness, this is a time where the top college teams battle it out to become the NCAA champions. Fans all around the country get their jerseys ready and televisions tuned in to watch college basketball for many different reasons. 

It’s no surprise that when it comes to professional sports, they don’t seem as exciting as the college-level sports. This is simply due to the fact that professionals are getting paid for the job they do. Team owners can buy the best talent in town as long as they have the money to cover it. When it comes to college basketball, the players aren’t paid. While some may be recruited by schools that have better educational programs, it’s completely up to the athlete to choose where they want to play. The games played by the college students tend to harness more emotion than professional games. This is because the players are playing for their school, a chance to be recruited, and for the love of the game. The purity of the college level games significantly outweighs the impurity of the NBA games. 

College is a time in our lives that most of us simply don’t forget. Alumni and local residents come together with pride for their local teams. They follow them across the country to cheer on their players year after year simply because they play for their local team. That regional pride is something which is not fully founded in other types of basketball leagues. This regional pride brings a lot of intensity to the audience and can help to push a college basketball team through those last moments to secure a victory. 

As we talked about above, March Madness is a big time to look forward to in the United States. Basketball fans and those who simply want to partake in the festivities will fill out their college basketball bracket for the fun of the guessing. Many bets are won and lost on those brackets. These brackets tend to be common fun for friends, coworkers, and even students who want to get their chance at guessing the final team still standing at the end of the tournament.

One of the best reasons to watch college basketball is to see those spectacular plays. While the NBA players do produce some good plays, many of them are restricting their playing to be safe movements to keep them away from injury. Also, the NBA players get paid whether they win or lose the game. With college basketball, the players leave it all on the court. They push their bodies to the limit and make some amazing plays. For them, it’s all about the win. If they lose, they simply go home with nothing. This gives these players a lot of drive and the audience a first-hand view of some spectacular shots

College basketball is an increasingly popular sport in the United States. When March rolls around, it’s almost impossible to make it through the month without hearing about one of the college basketball games. If you’ve never really watched college basketball before. We highly encourage you to do so for all the reasons listed out above.